Update 01: The State of Fort Gotten

Hello guys! We wanted to give a general update about the state of the project.

First of all, thank you for your support.

This whole experience has been really overwhelming (in a really good way)… everything that has happened since we announced Fort Gotten has been amazing, and the support and feedback we have been getting is really encouraging and way beyond our expectations.

We are fully committed to delivering a unique experience, way beyond a simple token drop, way beyond a specific-blockchain NFT project. Thank you guys for being the firsts ones to believe in the project and for giving us the opportunity to deliver.

Secondly, rarity.

We are working on it. We know it’s important to you guys. It’s also important to us, be we have special plans for this… it’s much more than just metadata. A special statement about rarity will be released shortly after this one.

Third, the roadmap and where this is all going.

This pre-sale was just that, a pre-sale. Please remember that the First Episode has not yet launched, and we are really early into this project. This was an opportunity to give the early community a taste of the art and show a bit of everything we’re doing. The things we have planned, all the kidz related dynamics, and upcoming surprises are coming after the full release. Right now we are in really early stages, and we are still starting development, but a lot of amazing things are coming. That is why we have not yet delivered the rarity charts, or why you guys are not even in your respective camps in Discord yet, there are a lot of systems that still need to be developed, and this was the first step to achieve that.

The first episode will be coming soon, we are aiming for a mid-October-Release. This pre-sale was a first taste of what’s coming later.

Once again, thank you for your support, and we will be seeing you in the Discord! If you have suggestions, comments, or anything, feel free to reach out there.

The Fortgotten Team, Carlos, Sam & Rob.



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