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Fort Gotten’s Collecting aspect is meant to be fun, different, and in multiple formats.

Collecting is a very natural thing to do: we collect bottle caps, coins, bills, toys of the same brand, clothing, memories, photos. It’s something that feels natural to do, and everyone ends up doing it one way or another.

And for us, The First Kidz, the founders of Fort Gotten, this was not an exception. We’ve been collecting all sorts of stuff through our lives and started collecting NFTs before jumping into making our own. We collect vinyl toys, traditional art, jackets, indie videogames, D&D Characters, books, and then some.

When we started the concepts for the art for Fort Gotten, we knew we were building in the Profile Pic format, but far from just a PFProject. We envisioned a series of characters that reflected the kidz that lived in the universe we imagined: a place where creativity is king and kidz have to thrive to survive without adults.

Before making our take on Kidz, Fort Gotten was explored in different illustrations that set the tone of the universe. These concept arts for the world had to evolve into something with a little bit more of an atmosphere and give you the idea of being ‘somewhere’.

Magic The Gathering’s Lands have been one of our favorite things to collect for years now.

While still in the Graphic concept step, we remember one of our favorite types of Magic the Gathering’s Land Cards. Some of them, made a big background when placed together. We thought it might’ve been some interesting easter egg on the collection.

When we finally did the tests with the kidz we were making, they looked pretty sick next to each other. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone managed to get them and form a squad? And then we baked it into the collection.

We had over 200 Squad Submissions, and some really took their time to get ‘the right’ squad.
The biggest Squad to date: The Fort Gotten Kidz of Jesterday

And the best part for us was, giving users a custom-made illustration with their kidz and the corresponding background. This was super fun to make and holders that went for the trouble of making their squad got rewarded with an awesome landscape NFT from the collection. 12 Landscape NFTs were available for collecting, by collecting.

In Episode 01’s backgrounds, we went even further and made them perfect loops.

How were they discovered?

Like a lot of things with our project, this was not an ‘announced’ feature. We love the mystery, puzzles, and hiding stuff as we go. We might even go to the lengths of saying that some puzzles/mysteries have yet to be unfolded and we’re entering Episode 02.

And with these small steps, the Research channel was also born.

Speculation of puzzles became so intense, we had to open a channel only to discuss clues, puzzles, and hints all over the place.

Imagine the madness indeed, X

As Collectors began collecting, with purpose. More Squads got created and lots of different interactions between the community happened.

Why is this important?

Fort Gotten’s Squad-making feature was key for people that wanted to collect more than one kid. It gives a reason to pursue said squad and to find kidz that are ‘right’ for it, and that can go up so many levels. Same Color? Squad. Does everyone have a hat? Squad. All girls? Squad. Same eyes? Squad.

And this new purpose was rewarded with a 1/1 NFT from the Squad and the Background Illustration from your squad.

What’s next?

First things first: Are squads back? Definitely. They will be back stronger and better than ever. We are literally reinventing squads mechanically for this second episode while maintaining the core principle: Collecting.

For the time being, we can’t share many details, as we’re still creating and polishing up the mechanics and details, but to give you an idea, here are some of the things we’re working on for the new Ep.02 Squads.

  • Dynamic On-Chain Squads
  • Rewards by Building Special Squads
  • Custom Airdrops & Benefits
  • Squad-Making User Interface

It’s really a whole thing around squads, not only making them more fun, easier (and smarter) to build, but also powering up the benefits, perks, and mechanics behind them.

We’re super excited about what’s coming and hope you can join us in this crazy Episode 02 journey! So yeah, let’s squad up and meet you at the camps!

Squad up!

Join the Pre-Sale List if you haven’t already. See you at the Camps!

Fort Gotten Team



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