Into the Lab: Yummi Universe

Fort Gotten 🪖
3 min readJun 28, 2022


Welcome to The Lab, our creative, cross-chain movement. Our overarching goal is to celebrate creativity in all shapes and forms; whether it’s art, storytelling, community building, or technological innovation!

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Yummi Universe. They have all sorts of exciting plans for the future, from collectibles to trading card games but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Learn more about their Naru-filled world and the team behind it in our conversation below!

Hey there, Naru! Tell us a little about your project!

It would be my pleasure! Yummi Universe is all about positivity, fun, and feel good vibes

What would you say excites you the most about your project and its future?

I think our excitement isn’t necessarily confined to just our project, we think the emergence of Blockchain can lead to a redefinition of “ownership”. In regards to our project, I think the most exciting thing is that every day we get to wake up and work on something that we really believe in & think the world will absolutely love.

That sounds like a dream, we’re lucky enough to be doing the same with our community of kidz! Aside from the clear passion behind your work, how do you keep pushing your project forward?

So, our main goal is to make things that we would enjoy as a consumer; Things that we want to see exist in this world & play with or own them. That’s all you can do as a creator, make something you’re proud of at the end of the day.

Couldn’t agree more! And what inspires you as a creator?

It’s not really a matter of being inspired, it’s just who we are really! We’re all artists and designers by trade, so creating is all we know!

Fair enough! Speaking of art, are there any favorite NFTs & NFT projects of yours?

Fort Gotten of course 😝

Haha, that’s so flattering coming from you lot! Since Fort Gotten is all about letting your creative inner-kid shine, what would you tell yours if you had the chance?

Embrace who you are, always. Never try and be someone you’re not to fit in to “normal standards”. Do what you like & like what you do!

Now those are what we call words to live by! Do you have any additional tips for aspiring creatives?

Same as above really, I think the best advice to anyone who wants to create is… Create! & Do things You enjoy, not what others may like. Look, life is short, don’t spend it trying to please other people. Be kind, be brave & be proud of who you are and what you do.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Naru friends! We’re beyond excited for The Lab’s inaugural collection featuring Yummi dropping this July 1st.

Tomorrow (Jun 29th) we’ll be hosting a Twitter space with Yummi Universe at 7 p.m. UTC with Nighth₳wke as a host! We’ll be talking more in-depth about The Lab, art, creativity, and community, so make sure to tune in.

Thank you, and see you next week for more!



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