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3 min readAug 25, 2022

The moment we have been dreading has come: The Lab’s final drop. Up until this point we have featured projects from the Cardano and Tezos blockchains, and it’s now time to feature our friends from Ethereum: Humanless (@humanless___art on Twitter)!

Humanless is a Web3 Art & Design Collective featuring artists from various blockchains, backgrounds, and parts of the world. Their initial collection, Rotten Apes will be dropping on Ethereum but at its core, the project is chain agnostic.

In order to learn more about the project, we reached out to a familiar character and key member of the Collective: Defie Mazariego.

Here’s what he had to say!

What’s up Defie! Could you give us a brief introduction to Humanless?

Sure, thing! Humanless is a hub for art in the world of web3 tech! We’re a chain-agnostic collective of artists from all around the world producing, discovering, and curating art-focused projects! We’ve already done some work in the past with SpaceBudz, we’re Fort Gotten’s final guest for The Lab, and we’ll be dropping our Rotten collection soon!

Rotten is comprised of a collection of Apes of the likes you’ve never seen before! They’re toxic, mutant, and most importantly ROTTEN!

That sounds like an exciting journey ahead! What excites you the most about the collective and its future?

What excites me the most is probably the creative freedom to explore and create without confines! For our Rotten collection, in particular, I’m excited about the overall art direction. I love the punk, melting, and rotten aspect of every asset!

Agreed! We love how it gives a punk and almost radioactive look to this generation of lab kidz! So, tell us… how do you keep pushing your project forward?

By working alongside one of our collective’s founders and art director, Sampo, we push the creative boundaries in the space. We’re constantly working towards innovative and new ideas to bring to our community!

I love to see that! It’s fair to say that we can expect some exciting things for you in the future!

While on the subject of innovating and creativity, do you have any tips for aspiring creatives out there?

I would recommend they look for key references to create something cool. It’s not necessary to have a whole spectrum of references to have a good guide. From there on, just let the mind fly and remember, that there’s value in every single one of your creations!

That is a great tip indeed! And we know that you personally have created amazing work in such a variety of styles and media.

As such an accomplished creator, do you have any favorite NFTs & NFT projects?

I have some Fort Gotten kidz, of course, and it’s objectively speaking one of my favorite projects out there!

Oh yes! we can see the passion behind the concept as a reflection of your work.

Before we let you go, we have just one more question for you… What would you tell your inner kid if you had the chance?

I would tell him to never stop creating, breaking, and rebuilding. I need him to help me out in this creative journey!

Thanks so much, Defie! It’s always a pleasure catching up with you 👋

We’re excited for our upcoming collab and final drop from The Lab: The Rotten Kidz!

Minting starts tomorrow, August 26th at 16:00 UTC, and every kid you mint will unlock a token from Humanless’ Rotten Collection!

There’s nothing left to say except a huge thank you for sticking with us through these crazy weeks at The Lab! We can’t wait to share the next chapter of Fort Gotten with you all!

See you around camp, kidz!



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