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4 min readJul 12, 2022

It’s that time of the week once again and you know what that means? That’s right, it’s time for another episode of Into The Lab!

Today we’re excited to feature Happy Hoppers, the third collection from The Lab! These experiments are coming to Fort Gotten boasting unique assets endemic to Lake Cardano and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you more about their project and the team behind it.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Hey guys, Thanks for being here! Let’s kick off from the start. Why don’t you give us a brief introduction to your project?

We launched Happy Hoppers 7 months ago. Happy Hoppers is a story-driven PFP project with an 11k supply. The project's focus is on telling the story and lore of the frogs that are living in Lake Cardano and how they deal with the humans who came in to destroy their homeland.

The project was founded by OOTW and Jub, the team members are Oodon, Pastaplease, and Telfire.

That’s a powerful story behind your project, love it! And boy do we know there’s a great team behind it all! What would you say excites you the most about your project and its future?

We recently launched our litepaper which gives you a glimpse of the upcoming development for the project. One big piece of work to look out for is the Gen 2 Hoppers — we expanded the lore of Lake Cardano and have been working on the artwork for the next generation of Hoppers. We created 3 distinctly different areas around Lake Cardano and for each area, the Gen 2 hoppers will look very different from each other.

Other than the Gen 2 drop we are also working and planning to launch our own token for the project including other elements such as staking.

Sounds exciting, can’t wait to meet the new hoppers to join the story! With that in mind, how do you keep pushing your project forward?

Well, when we created Happy Hoppers we wanted the project to exist and contribute to the Cardano ecosystem for a very long time. All of the team members on this project were early Cardano community members and strongly believe in the vision of Cardano.

One way we continue to push the project forward is through collaboration with both existing projects and new projects entering the space. Since our launch, we have been very active in accepting and participating in collaborations with various projects in the ecosystem. This would help projects have more exposure and, when possible, we try to reward our holders.

We also try to push our project forward by being creative and fun! For instance, in our gen 2 drop, we decided to go with 3 different unique looks for the hoppers, incorporating many aspects of the lore. For our project’s supporters who have been around since our first drop, we also created many fun activities that let them decide on how they want their hoppers to look. We also launched mini-events for holders to add wings to their hoppers or change the skins of their swimmer in the fishbowl asset

That’s great to hear! With all these changes coming to life with your second generation of hoppers, what would you say inspires you to continue creating?

Being able to share my artwork and see that it brings joy and happiness to those around me is a big inspiration for me to keep on creating.

It certainly does, and I’m sure there are many that are inspired by you and your artwork. You got any tips for aspiring creatives?

Yes! Don’t be afraid to put your art out there and try out different art styles. Collaboration is a good way to experiment with different art styles and themes and it helps get more eyes on your work

That is great advice! Speaking on different styles and themes, do you have any favorite NFTs & NFT projects?

Well, Oodon’s Favourite projects are Yummi Universe (cute), Fort Gotten (art/lore focus), Orex3 (art focus), Pixelheadsquad (innovative pixel art)

Gotta say we’re huge fans of those projects as well, so we really appreciate being a part of your list! And to cap off our conversation, let us leave our readers with some food for thought. What would you tell your inner kid if you had the chance?

Don’t be too serious about anything, and be more daring to try new things or make changes

Thank you so much for your time! It’s been great to learn more about Happy Hoppers, their story, and the amazing team behind it! We can’t wait to see what the Gen 2 Hoppers will look like!

And of course, we can’t wait to welcome the Hopper kidz coming to Fort Gotten this Friday, July 15th! Hopefully, we get a chance to visit Lake Cardano all together once they do!

To our readers: We’d like to announce that tomorrow (July 13th) we’ll be hosting a Twitter Space with Happy Hoppers and co-hosted by Nighth₳wke at 7 p.m. UTC.

Hope to see you all there!

’Til then ✌️



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