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Interactive Storytelling

Co-creation & Creativity between the whole Fort Gotten Community is one of the stone pillars of the project. We have been playing roleplaying games for years now (our longest was a 2year long D&D campaign) and really enjoy the fact of developing characters: see them grow, acquire items, stories and make interesting friends along the way.

From the beginning, we’ve been bringing this idea to Fort Gotten since day one. Having the community take part in the building of assets, stories, and co-creating with us key aspects of the universe is priceless. We wanted to take this element from our collection that has been here from the start, but now it is time to bring it to the next level.

What are you going for? Rarity? Looks? Color coordination? Materials?

We want to bring that storytelling and creativity to the personal identity and style of each kid. At the core, “Profile Pic Projects” are a reflection or a new avatar for someone’s personality, look, and persona online. They shouldn’t be ‘locked’ to a specific look necessarily, but grow with the person that is using it.

Let kidz be kidz.

Fort Gotten’s Inventory

We’ve been working on more than +600 unique assets for Episode 02 and have a supply of almost 10k assets overall. These assets, the ones that you mint with your kid, will be removable and applicable to any kid. This includes the 200 Kidz and Episode 01.

Each item has a different rank and supply of copies of each. There will not be a public showcase of the inventory, items rarity will be revealed as kidz remove and equip them.

Items can be obtained through quests, airdrops, or trading with other kids.

Customize your Kid

The concept is simple, you can customize your kidz as the universe expands. You’ll be able to remove, collect, trade, and apply any type of wearable item from the inventory.

These items will have their own policy ID and we will build a Tent where you can change, remove and apply them whenever you please. These changes affect your token on the Blockchain.

Kid65 got this sweet helmet with Crayons from Buruka and will be able to use it.

You can go collecting from any camp you want and mix and match to find your style. Like a Poncho from Otoco? Trade it for Lobster. Got that sweet Mudface airdrop? Unlocked the Buruka Staff on a Quest? Found some stuff hanging around in the lab? Sell it for bottlecapz. Rumor has it that some combinations let you unlock some items.

We are building a universe that explores the creative aspect of identity, roleplaying, and giving power back to the community. We are all creators, we are all kidz inside.

You’ll be able to add and remove all sorts of items, so you can make your kid as you wish or dress for the occasion. These three are the same 065 Kid from Enola.

As the universe and regions expand, we’ll encounter new items and wearables from the inventory and anyone will be able to use them as they please. This adds a whole new layer to this new episode and the kidz from the forest.

On that note, some items can only be useable once, so think it twice if it looks rare. This way, any kid can become as special as you want them to be. Whatever that means to YOU, not numbers or statistics.

(But you can totally do that as well if you’re into that hehe if you can decipher the rarity…)

The system for equipping and unequipping will be available sometime soon after the Episode 02 launch, but not right away as we’re still defining details and integrations for ALL kidz of Fort Gotten.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.”
William Shakespeare

Join the Pre-Sale List if you haven’t already. See you at the Camps!

Fort Gotten Team



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