Fort Gotten: Concept & Vision

Our core, our vision, and our plans for the future.

In our last Medium post, we dove deep into the Fort Gotten universe. However, one post is not enough to cover everything we want to share with you via this world, characters, and community.

First and foremost, this NFT project is all about our inner children; which we live through an interactive community and first-person storytelling. As the community immerses itself deep into their Fort Gotten character we drive our story forward, exploring new regions, introducing new characters, and diving deep into our lore. The goal? Expand our creativity to the limits where it often dwelled during our childhood years.

We believe everyone is creative. Everyone comes to the world being creative, with an inner child inside every one of us. This inner kid is the personification of creativity, curiosity and is the driving force behind our sense of wonder.

Unfortunately, as we grow up, we begin to repress this inner kid. We try to “fit in”. We’re influenced by the system, our society, that pressure of having to grow up and live in “the real world” to the point that every passing day we grow more distant and eventually lose our connection to this inner kid.

Without our adult counterparts, our kidz end up lost, aimlessly wandering around until they reach Fort Gotten, a world where creativity, wanderlust, and coexistence are the backbone of our community.

Our goal here in Fort Gotten is to allow you to reconnect with this inner child, to allow yourself to be and feel creative, even for a little bit. To rekindle the spark of this inner kid, and allow you to express yourself freely, to create and think creatively, to roleplay and solve puzzles, to lose yourself in the Fort Gotten world through your kid.

Consider this your safe space. Fort Gotten is a place where you can roleplay as your inner kid and explore the limits of your creativity.

What started as a passion project to channel our creativity soon evolved into a space where we could create an entire universe alongside an amazing community.

By emphasizing collaboration and exploration, Fort Gotten has become a place where everyone can feel like they belong. Where their true inner kid can roam and explore free of rules and adults.

Fort Gotten World Map.

We’re grateful to everyone who has joined, supported, and shared their love with the project. This truly has allowed us to share this conduit for creativity with hundreds of people around the world.

We want to give everyone the chance to be creative, even if it’s just a tiny bit, and thus we have worked on Fort Gotten’s transmedia development to provide a space for everyone, whether it’s through art, storytelling, creative thinking, roleplay, and so much more!

Six months into the project we’re happy to have such an active and involved community; from established creators to people who picked up a pencil to draw something for the first time, to people who tried roleplaying something for the first time.

Spritecut’s fan art shared on our Discord.

Our promise to our community: we will push this as far as we can. We will continue to innovate and create deeper and more substantial opportunities to let creativity flourish. And of course, we will continue to empower and reward all of those who help keep Fort Gotten an openly creative universe.

As the project rapidly expands, we want to reiterate that this is an NFT project, first and foremost. A project that happens to live in a co-created and collaborative universe filled with amazing stories, unique characters, and community participation.

Our goal is to have such a robust universe to the point that it parallels those of Harry Potter, Pokemon, or Lord of the Rings; and allow people to partake whether it’s through the NFT collection or the transmedia facets that stem out from our lore and community.

In recent months we have been working on comics, audios, stories, merch, and autonomous platforms; but in reality, our process is everchanging. As new people, new characters and new campz join the universe we can’t help but explore as much as we can in as many ways we can!

Fort Gotten: The Chronicles (left and center) and puzzle (right)

An important step towards Fort Gotten’s evolution is the ability to make the experience more personal for all those involved. With this in mind, we have been working hard to build The Campfire, a centralized place where you can build your own camp, trade kidz and assets, explore, and interact in unprecedented ways in the NFT space.

As of right now, we have enabled the photo booth and squad builder, so check them out when you have the chance. The rest of the campfire’s features will soon be available for all holders. The foundations are being set, the kidz and the ecosystem we’re building will become the backbone of this universe.

Fort Gotten Campfire.

We’re beyond excited for the many stories, places, and adventures left to uncover and create.

Episode 02 is Minting Now!. Get your kidz and join our community on Discord → See you at the Camps!



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